4/2/20 - Dillard Dual Sport Rally

A weekend of fairly easy Dual-Sport riding. Mostly two-track, lots of gravel, some rocks, some dirt. Weather should be mild/cool. There are a number of suggested routes to choose from. Your hosts, Doug Pippin and Norm Kern will be on hand to help load your GPS. Soil in the area is sandy/loamy and drains quickly so there isn't much slippery mud. That said, there are areas where large bikes are not recommended to go. (over 1000cc)


The Gateway Inn
64 White oak Ln.Dillard, Ga 3 0537
www.gat ewayinndillard.com
When you make your reservations, ask for manager , Randy. Tell him you are with the MSTA group.
Group rate of $74.00 + tax per night single/double

For further information:
Norm Kern (9 37) 609-0931 nkern@kernvideo.comDoug Pippin (828)490-8529 do ug.pippin@bellsouth.net
website: www.ridemsta.com/mstaforums/index. php?board=150.0